Leather jewelry

Leather is an amazing material! Living at hand, easily painted, cut, glued. It is pleasant and interesting to work with her. It’s expensive on sale, but every home has leather. Old jackets, bags, boots ... A good housewife will always find her use, because of it you can make so much different beauty! Look at what can be created from pieces of leather on the example of a small evening jewelry set.
For this you will needXia:

• Pieces of leather
• PVA glue
• Hot glue gun
• scissors
• Metallic acrylic paint
• Tweezers (for small parts)
• Accessories for studs, rivets for clips
• Pattern paper, pen
• Plastic bottle from silicone construction glue
Beginning of work.
Pick up pieces of leather and make patterns of flowers on paper, as shown in the photo.

All of them are from five leaves, only the last three-leafed. The fourth sheet, you can choose a five-leaf or three-leaf, as you like. Three-leafed can be used as a bud or a small flower.
Put patterns on the skin from the side of suede, circle them with a pen, it will be seen how many flowers a piece of leather will last.

It is convenient to cut flowers by cutting the skin into pieces according to the drawing, and with a pattern. Only the pattern must be secured with a pin so that it does not move.

For this kit you need to cut:
Sheet 2 - 1 pc.
Sheet 3 - 2 pcs.
Sheet 4 (five-leaf) - 5 pcs.
Sheet 4 (three-sheeted) - 4 pcs.
Leaflet - 1 pc.
Bud - 2 pcs.
Place the skillet over medium heat. Better use our old pans. Put ready-made details of flowers on it.

They will warm up and begin to rise, round, press the middle of the flower with a knife. When they decrease in size they must immediately be laid out from the pan.

After frying the sheet will also curl a little, now it is possible to apply veins on it with the hot blunt end of the knife. Your parts are ready, distribute them so that it is easier to assemble.

It is better to paint metallic with acrylic paint not with a brush, but with a sponge, slightly touching the skin. In the photo there are three colors of paints: gold, bronze, turquoise. From the beginning, apply gold on the wrong side and front side, then in some places bronze, and on the leaf and turquoise. The paint dries quickly, metallic gives freshness and shine. What gives the product an elegant evening look.

The basis of the bracelet.
While the parts are drying, prepare the base for the bracelet. A thick plastic bottle of building silicate glue is well suited for the base. She does not bend, sits tightly on her hand. With a knife, cut the bottle to the width you need, divide the resulting ring as shown in the photo.

Now you need to cover the base with leather. The width of the strip of leather for tightening the base of the bracelet must be calculated so that a segment of the strip could encircle the base from the outside and inside. Lubricate the suede side with PVA glue and carefully tighten the base of the bracelet. To make the skin easily go down, you can wipe the front side with a wet towel. Allow the glue to dry, then paint as well as flowers.
Picking flowers.
You need to collect the flowers in a lock (2,3,4, stamens), glue the middle of the honey with hot glue. Stamens (in the photo these are short strips of 3-5 cm with notches) curl into a tight circle, glue the ends, fluff and glue in the middle of the last upper flower.

And so on all the flowers. Glue buds and a small flower on the twigs. First glue a leaf, then twigs and a flagellum, then flowers. Your bracelet is ready.
Clips. Collected from 3.4 flower sheets and stamens. On the wrong side, glue the cloves for clips with hot glue.
Ring. Prepare a strip according to the size of the finger, 0.5-1 cm wide., Glue it into a circle. Glue leaflets and the finished assembled flower on the glued place, like on clips.
Here's what happened.

The leather decoration is light in weight, looks beautiful and expensive, and most importantly exclusive, it is impossible to repeat exactly the same. Try it and you will succeed too!