Fridge magnet

It has long been known that there is no better gift than a handmade gift. Creating a souvenir on our own, we put our heart, soul, our warmth into it. And if the gift is made from the heart, then this positive energy must be passed on to the recipient of the surprise and pleasant memories will remain for a long time.
A handmade fridge magnet can safely serve as a gift for many of your friends and acquaintances. It can be molded from salt dough, which is ideal for creativity and needlework. With the help of this material you can realize all your fantasies.

There are quite a few salted dough recipes that you can use to sculpt. The choice of recipe depends on what size figure you want to receive. If you plan to tinker with a small size magnet, you can prepare the material according to my recipe.

For the preparation of salt dough, you need ordinary white flour without any additives, salt, fine and cold water. It is important that the salt is without iodine, otherwise the product may crack when dried. The water should be ice, for this, place it for a while in the freezer.
The ratio of flour and salt in grams is one to one. That is, if you take 200 grams of flour, then salt should be 200 grams. It is worth considering that there will be more flour in volume - one glass of flour and half a glass of salt. And water for this amount of dry components needs 125 ml. It’s best to add it gradually so that the dough does not turn out too sticky.
And then you can act in different ways. The first option is to mold the figures from the finished dough, bake and then color. The second option is to add gouache, watercolor or food coloring to the finished dough, knead the dough and sculpt it from colored material. I like the first option better when I color the finished product.
The magnet of the little bear is molded quite simply, it consists of several parts.

First fashion a round head, then semicircular ears and a triangular-shaped nose. Attach all parts to the head. For a better connection, smear the attachment points with a brush moistened with water. Then it is necessary to fashion a proportional body of an oval shape and paws.
The upper legs will be slightly thinner. To make paws blind, roll a “sausage” from a small piece of dough, round the edges, flatten it on one side and glue it to the body. At the opposite end, squeeze out three small strips to simulate your fingers. Using the same principle, make the lower legs. Fashion a convex heart shape and put a teddy bear in its paws.
Bake the finished product in the oven at minimum temperature.

Periodically look at the product so that it does not dry out and it does not crack. When the little bear cools down, paint it with gouache: the body is brown, the nose is black, the heart is red. Black paint the eyes. Now glue the magnet on the PVA glue.