Bicycle wrench cleaner

Almost every workshop or garage has bolts with clogged threads. There is usually not enough time to clean them. However, with a simple thread cleaner made from a bicycle key, this can be done very quickly.

So, for this homemade product you will need a standard universal bicycle key. It is also called the "family wrench." Nuts of different diameters will also be required.

First of all, it will be necessary to make a small slot in each nut. The master does this with an ordinary grinder, however, you can also use a drill.

The main stages of work

At the next stage, it will be necessary to grind all the nuts on the grinder (if they are very rusty), and also to clean the surface of the bicycle wrench with a petal circle. This is not necessary for beauty, but to prepare the parts before welding.

Then, in fact, you need to weld all five nuts to weld to the bicycle wrench. You need to insert them into your "seats". Now the homemade product is completely ready, and you can use it for its intended purpose.

Details on how to make a device for cleaning threads from a bicycle wrench can be found in the video on our website. Write in the comments, did you like this homemade product?