Wall-mounted wine bottle shelves

Wine is not accepted to be stored in the refrigerator, cabinet or on the mezzanine. This noble drink needs a more suitable place to store. Especially when it comes to expensive wine. Today, in stores you can buy racks, original table stands and even special cabinets. But all these accessories require additional space, which is not always in the room.

Therefore, if you need to "attach" a couple of bottles of wine, then the best option would be the manufacture of metal wall shelves. In addition to being practical, such shelves will add some “zest” to the home interior. But the most important thing is that you can make them yourself, and they will cost much cheaper than the original models presented in the store.

Making shelves for storing wine bottles

To make one shelf, you will need a steel corner 40x40 mm 26 cm long - for the standard length of a wine bottle (however, you can make the length of the metal shelf as you wish). After you cut the required number of shelves, go to the next step.

We cut the same number of corners, but smaller - for example, with sides 15x15 mm or 20x20 mm. Using a grinder, we clean the end parts and the surface of the workpieces. Then we weld together the large and small corners, having previously made a template from plywood.

At the last stage of work, we grind the metal surface, degrease and paint with spray paint. As a result, we obtained simple, but at the same time stylish wall shelves for storing wine bottles, which will harmoniously look in interiors decorated in a modern industrial style.