Homemade Egg Breaker

It would seem that it could be easier than breaking a chicken egg in the traditional way: with a knife or about the corner of a pan? However, it is not always possible to do this carefully (especially when you rush to work in the morning).

In this case, a very simple home-made device will come to the rescue, which will allow you to quickly separate the shell from the "internal filling" - yolk and protein. This minimizes the likelihood of shells entering the dish.
To make this homemade product you will need scraps from a sheet of plywood, wooden sticks for ice cream (for example, from popsicle), three springs and a piece of soft sponge. These materials are available, so getting them out is not difficult.

Work stages

From a piece of plywood with a thickness of 5-6 mm using an electric jigsaw or manually, it is necessary to cut out two identical L-shaped blanks of 19.5 cm length. Then we markup and connect them using furniture dowels of suitable diameter and wooden sticks.

To ensure the mobility of the entire structure, we insert two springs on the sides. Then we strengthen the case with the help of additional pads and another pair of L-shaped parts cut from plywood trim.

At the next stage, in the upper part of the structure, we install another spring, and also glue on the side surface of the blade from the clerical knife and two pieces of the sponge. We also attach two supports for the egg so that the shell remains in place during the breaking process.

To summarize

With this practical device, you can easily and quickly break eggs without fear of getting your hands dirty or that the shell accidentally gets into the fried eggs. See the video for a detailed manufacturing process.