Gift composition "Horseshoe" with sweets

Whenever we are invited to some kind of celebration, we rack our brains on what to give us, which gift to choose, so that it is original, beautiful and unusual. You will not surprise anyone with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne, but to make some kind of composition in which you can combine sweets, flowers, and a bottle of your favorite drink will be both original and very unusual.
Just today's master class will help us cope with this task as never before.
So, what do we take to create such a creation:
  • A few sheets of thick cardboard from under any unnecessary boxes;
  • Crepe paper in burgundy, dark green and metallic gold;
  • PVA glue;
  • Plain cardboard, half of the album sheet;
  • White plain cardboard A4;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Plain tape;
  • Green foil;
  • Transparent packaging;
  • A bow of gold color and a narrow gold ribbon;
  • Glue gun, stapler, scissors, pencil;
  • Golden narrow ribbon made of brocade, width 0.7-0.8 cm;
  • Narrow pink satin ribbon;
  • Chocolate bar; a bottle of champagne, nine Golden Lily candies; different sweets and bars about 30 pieces.

First, draw a horseshoe symbol on a piece of cardboard, so that nine Golden Lily candies fit on it.

We cut out the horseshoe and apply it to the thick cardboard from under the boxes.

Cut four solid horseshoes. Glue PVA glue them together. Thus we get one thick horseshoe.

Now we spread the horseshoes all over the edge with PVA glue well and glue the golden brocade ribbon. From the golden crepe paper we cut out two horseshoe blanks.

Glue them on a cardboard blank. From a sheet of plain white cardboard we cut out two rectangles 7.8 cm wide along their entire length.

Glue them together, and then form a circle and glue it. The circle is about 9 cm in diameter.

From green crepe paper we cut a bezel to our circle.

Glue paper on double-sided tape, as in the photo. From the burgundy paper, cut out two rectangles, the length of which corresponds to the circumference of the circle.

We bend the narrow rectangle and glue it on top, then glue the larger rectangle, and stretch the top, forming a flower.

The junction of burgundy and green paper is tied with a satin ribbon.

We glue the Golden Lily with a glue gun on the horseshoe.

We glue the whole horseshoe with a glue gun to our stand. Separately, a sheet of plain thick cardboard somewhere around 20 * 25 cm is wrapped in green foil.

We put our stand on cardboard. Insert a bottle of champagne into the stand.

Add chocolate, bars and sweets, pack everything in a transparent film, tie it nicely and glue the bow at the top.
Gift arrangement is ready! Enjoy your mood!