How to remove super glue marks from the skin?

Super glue, for a long time, has one unchanging property - even in the most tidy hands, it constantly somehow mysteriously gets on clothes, furniture and skin of the hands, leaving extremely unpleasant traces, spoiling things and bringing terrible discomfort to a person. And it’s good if you managed only with glued hands - things that are spoiled by spots can sometimes not be restored.

To get rid of glue on your hands, try first of all to use Antikley Supermoment, a special product from the manufacturers of the famous Moment glue, which, if possible, can remove traces of super glue. Rub it into the resulting spots - then wait. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure.
If you have a solution called "Dimexidum", then using a cotton swab you can apply this product to traces of glue, then rub it and rinse with warm water. Again, if necessary, the procedure should be repeated.
You can also make a warm bath (the glue loses its properties when the temperature rises, which stimulates the weakening of its grip on your skin as soon as possible) and hold your hands in it for 5-6 minutes. For greater productivity, you can add a few drops of liquid detergent to the water.