Universal bench with racks

A universal bench with racks is a simulator for the main strongman disciplines: bench press with a negative and positive tilt of the bench, French bench press, squats, including Scott's desk bench bench press for biceps.
In order to make this simulator, such materials were spent - a profile pipe: 40X40X2 approximately 6 meters, 50X50X3 5 meters, 20X20X2 3 meters; foam rubber, leather. Deputy and plywood 10 mm.
Approximate drawings of this simulator were found on the Internet and everything was ready to start the robots.
After the profile tube has been acquired, it needs to be cut into pieces under your body. To adjust the back of the bench, hooks with a metal bar 4 mm thick were invented.
When the finished bench is welded, it was cleaned with a grinder and sandpaper for painting. The back and seat were cut from plywood - the back is 90X25 cm, and the seat is 30X25. They were covered with 10 mm foam and leather. deputy.
Racks became multifunctional: racks for squats, for a bench press, bars were also made. In order for them to move apart, two pieces of a profile pipe 50X50X3 were welded and a pipe 40X40X2 120 cm long entered into it. It was fixed with a 10 mm bolt.