How to make a brush cutter from an electric or chainsaw

To care for hedges and bushes in the garden, in the summer cottage and in the adjoining territory, special tools are designed - brush cutters. However, they are not cheap (in particular, gasoline models).

However, if there is an electric or chainsaw, you can make a brush cutter yourself - for this you will need only one part, for the manufacture of which cuts from a steel strip are suitable.

The first step is to prepare the basic materials for the work. So, we need an electric or chainsaw, as well as pieces of steel strip (one long and several short). The number of shorties depends on the length of the tire on which the saw chain is worn.

The main stages of work

In a long section of the strip, we drill two holes at the edges for attaching to the chainsaw tire. In the next step, we weld shorties to a long workpiece with the same pitch. Grinder cut off the edges of short stripes at an angle.

Then it remains only to clean the welds with a petal circle. If desired, the "arrow" can be painted. We fix the homemade product on the chainsaw chains with bolts and nuts.

In general, the idea, of course, is not bad. But if in the process of operation the saw chain flies off (for example, due to a weak tension), then the cutting teeth will not be "greeted" from contact with metal.

For details on how to make a brush cutter from an electric or chainsaw, see the video on the site.