Learning to make an original gift wrap

Gift wrapping often becomes a serious and difficult task when you do not know what to choose. As you know, the best gift is made with your own hands and from a pure heart. Therefore, if the gift is ready, but you don’t know what to give it to, a homemade gift bag from a regular newspaper, leaflet or magazine sheet can help you out. Such packaging will not only save you time to choose, but also make your gift the most original.
For manufacturing you will need:
- A newspaper sheet, magazine page or newspaper. Depends on the size of your gift. I had to pack a brooch, so I made a small bag from a regular flyer.
- ruler, scissors and glue for paper.

From the sheet we need to make a hollow base for the package, so the first thing to do is to glue two sides of the sheet. To do this, bend the edge of the sheet on one side, arrange the paper in length.

Then we glue the curved strip with glue and fold the sheet in half so that the strip fastens the second side to the first.

This should be such a box.

We connect the sides so that between them we get an accordion. We do this on both sides, pressing down with scissors.

We begin to make the bottom of the package. To do this, bend the base from one end. About two centimeters, less, but no more.

We open the bent part so that the internal corners of each side are connected to the bend strip inside the package and the bottom opens well.

Now you need to bend the edges to close the package and make a solid bottom. With a pencil, I marked the places of the bend.

We grease the bent parts with glue and, pressing down each edge with scissors, carefully glue the bottom. Try to seal the parts evenly so that the bag opens well.

So, literally in an hour, I got such a cute, durable enough and original package in which I will put a brooch. It also fits a small postcard, earrings, pendant, squirrel or other pleasant trifle. In such a package, if you make it from a card, you can originally give friends and relatives souvenirs from the country in which you visited.

Experimenting with the density of the paper and its color, you can get a wide variety of packages for all occasions. Give it a try! It is generally not complicated and does not take too much time. But emotions, both during manufacturing and when you give a gift, you will get a lot.